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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I won the battle with CVS!

So, I've been tallying up my August costs v. savings for CVS based upon my couponing, discounts/sales and the ECB's (extra care bucks) I've received from CVS to use for my shopping. This was my first month going all out, so let's see how I did and how it rates compared to those who are old pros at this:

For August, 2008:

Total true worth of products I bought: $394.97
Total discounts I received for items on sale: $100.05
Total amount of coupons I used: $123.45
Total amount of ECB's I received: $112.05
Total amount OOP: $59.42
Amount of ECB's I have left to use in Sept.: $5.00

As a side note, the total amount OOP (out of pocket) includes taxes ($8.27), bottle deposits ($7.80 of which I will get back as I return them) and one prescription for $3.46.

Thus, I really paid $39.89 for the actual products, of which there are 74 of them, including 13 cases of pepsi soda, shampoo, condition, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products, candy, medicine and more.

So, I essentially paid $40 for $400 worth of stuff and still have $5 in ECB's to use next month. What a bargain!

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