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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brought to you FREE by Wal-Mart

Well, thanks to the great blog of Money Saving Mom, I had a VERY good day at Wal-Mart for very little money. For the grand total of $51.59, I got the following:

3 containers of Parent's Choice Formula ($11.88 each)
6 3.5 bags of Purina's cat chow ($4.18 each)
3 3.5 bags of Purina's puppy chow ($4.18 each)
5 Johnson's Buddies soap ($00.97 each)
6 packs of Kotex pads ($1.00 each)
5 boxs of Clean and Clear blackhead remover ($5.44 each)
2 boxs of Huggies CleanTeam Wipes (soft pack-42 count) ($1.64 each)
5 boxes of Preparation H 10-ct. wipes ($2.96 each)
2 boxes of Visine (1/2 fl. oz.) ($3.62 each)
2 packs of 10-pack Schick disposable razors ($1.97 each)
and a stroller weather shield ($6.97)

Thus, these 40 products were actually worth a grand total of $148.33

I had in coupons:
6 $1.00 coupons for Kotex
9 $4 coupons of Purina cat food or dog food
5 $5 coupons for the clean and clear blackhead remover
1 $3 coupon when you buy two Huggies baby wipes
2 $3 coupons for Visine
5 $3 coupons for preparation H
2 $2 coupons for Schick razors
5 $1 coupons for Johnson & Johnson's Buddies

For a total of $100 in coupons.

So, if I hadn't bought the formula (which I wasn't planning to buy but it had 25% more free, i.e. 32.5 oz. for the price of 25 oz. which I hadn't seen before); and I hadn't bought the stroller rain cover (which I had been looking for but all the previous ones I had seen were $20+ which I think is just too expensive), I would have only paid $8.99 of which $7.26 was tax.

Thanks Money Saving Mom and thanks Wal-Mart!

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  • Holy geez! I really need to get myself on the ball with clipping coupons and such. But wow! I'm really amazed how much you saved!

    Oh yes, before I get way ahead of myself...congrats on the new bouncing Baby Bean boy. I'm really happy for you and Mr. Bean!

    I've been bargin shopping for me, PI, and our zoo (We have 2 cats, 2 pugs, and 1 bunny.) Ususally, I try to buy the things we use quickly in large quanities. Especially when it comes to pet food and we stay ahead.

    We're in a fiancial bind because Pi's looking for a job and we're in debt a bit. I'm hoping he gets a job this Tuesday.

    I'm glad everything is going well. And thank you for sharing the money saving tips. I'm going to try to do make sure I can cut my gerocery bill down a little as well.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19 PM  

  • Hey Mrs. Pi - nice to hear from you! Good luck to Pi for the job. And the coupons for the essentially free dog/cat food could help! You should check it out my pup and cat won't need for food for QUITE awhile!

    By Blogger The Bean, at 1:00 PM  

  • I bet when you push your cart up to the register the cashier says "Oooh no, there's the coupon lady."

    Good on ya, though. Glad you're out there saving you some money! Congrats!

    By Blogger Andy Melton, at 2:26 PM  

  • they usually are impressed with my loot! I'm pretty organized for them too so it doesn't take too long.

    By Blogger The Bean, at 9:50 AM  

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