Bean's World

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Turning Mr. Bean to the Dark Side

Well, after our many years together, I have finally turned Mr. Bean to the dark side. You see, he calls me a TV junkie (which I don't deny) and used to refuse to watch any TV with me. Thus, I would be in one room watching TV and he would be on the computer.

This year, however, I have started to turn him to my side. He now loves watching with me "Life", "Dirty, Sexy Money", "Aliens in America", "Ugly Betty" and my personal fave to have addicted him to "I Love New York 2".

And, to my shock (and happiness), Mr. Bean has now become a movie junkie. It used to take an act of Congress for him to watch a movie with me. Now he is a Netflix addict and watching movies ALL the time. I never thought I would see the day.

Now, if I could just get him interested in stamping, I would be on a roll.