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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Horse by any other Name.

I wasn't planning on writing about Barbaro. Although the story was sad, I knew everyone would write about it - and really what was there to say? I'm not a big horseracing fan, except my annual race track party with friends in Saratoga Springs - but I go for the friends, not really the races.

But that dang horse really got to me.

I was watching the Today show for a few seconds this morning; and it just happened to be a segment about Barbaro. Watching the owners and even the doctors become emotional, with tears in their eyes, about losing their friend was the start of my downfall. Watching the moment when poor Barbaro broke his leg during the race and trying to keep going because he really seemed to love running made me go even further. Seeing Barbaro nuzzling his horsey friend made me feel a lump in my throat.

And then thinking about what if I lost my furbabies McKinley and Jefferson made me start bawling.

Yes, Barbaro was a great horse - even an amazing race horse. But what I will remember him for will not be the fact that he won the Kentucky Derby by such a large margin. I will remember that Barbaro was a furbaby who his family and friends lost but will not forget. Barbaro, like all furbabies should be, was loved.

Monday, January 29, 2007

She's a SuperFreak, SUPERFREAK! She's superfreaky . . .

Well, maybe not SUPER, per se; but I'm very happy to announce that I am a new member of The Freak Network. I am honored that Pizzababe and Bob have asked me to be a part of it; and I will always appreciate it. Make sure to check the site out as there are many, many, MANY wonderful podcasts and blogs that make up The Freak Network and will give many hours of listening and viewing pleasure. Thank you Pizzababe and Bob!

On another note, Mr. Bean and I got into an argument Saturday morning; and once again, I want to take a poll to see if he was right or if I was correct. You see, Mr. Bean had been having a tough week sleeping, I think because of his kidney stone. So Saturday came, and I got up at about 7 a.m. because, unfortunately, I don't seem to sleep late anymore. Mr. Bean on the other hand, slept and slept and slept and it became noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., finally at 3:30 p.m., I decided to go check on him to make sure he wasn't dead. I wasn't going to wake him up, because I assumed he really needed the sleep or he wouldn't be sleeping this long, I just wanted to make sure he was okay.

I peaked into the room and he opened his eyes. "Hey sleephead!" I said. "I just wanted to make sure you were alive; but you sleep as long as you want, you obviously needed it."

Mr. Bean said, "What time is it?"

"3:30 p.m."

"WHAT ?!?!?!?!"

So the rest of the day, Mr. Bean said I ruined his day and it was all my fault because I should have woken him up as he lost a day. I said (1) I have never woken you up before; (2) you have slept to noon or 1 p.m. before and I still haven't woken you up; (3) I don't wake you up as my mom does that to my poor hardworking dad and I think it's unfair and you always say how much you hate that she does that; (4) I'm not your mother so take care of yourself; and (5) You didn't sleep well for a week so I thought you needed the rest.

In counterpoint, he simply repeats that I ruined his day and it's all my fault. (Mr. Bean, if you want to post a comment if you don't think I'm saying your side well enough, feel free).

So subscribers - who is right? Was I correct in letting him sleep; or was Mr. Bean correct in that I should have woken him up earlier? Please post comments below!

Happy Monday (blech!)

Friday, January 26, 2007

French Trip Report Update

Just wanted to let y'all know I haven't forgotten about my promise of a Paris Trip Report. I'm about half way through - two days written, two more to write. It will be up soon with pictures!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Giving Back the Love.

Mr. Bean turned me on to the blogging and podcasting world. In that world, I have received a lot of love from people. As a result, I want to return the favor and tell you the blogs and podcasts (in no particular order) which I really love to read and listen to - do yourself a favor and check them out!


1. Mrs. Pi's Page - at

She talks about her life and really tells it like it is.

2. Niicelady - at

Another great lady who dishes about life and tells her perspective on things.

3. Eric - at

This guy has a book coming out this year; and I'm going to be able to say I knew him back when. Great sense of humor with a lot of sarcasm.


1. Mr. Bean - at

Of course I'm going to mention Christiaan Huygens - who created calculus and wristwatches and located the moon Titus around Saturn where he now lives.

2. Tigger at

I can really relate to Tigger as he talks about memories growing up, which I can relate to as we grew up around the same time and has funny and inspired opinions about a lot of things in life.

3. A.J. at

Another great guy who has a lot to say and really keeps me entertained.

4. PizzaBabe and Bob at

Although I don't think the feeling is mutual, I do love listening to their discussions about life and love; and they have great music too.

5. Rebecca Nay at

I think she is FABULOUS! She just had a operation to become who she truly is and even was brave enough to share the experience with us. I have utmost respect for this woman.

6. Andy Melton at

He's an absolute sweetheart and has helped us out on many an occasion.

7. TV Guide at

If you are a tv junkie, this is the site for you!

8. Madge Weinstein at

Another woman who has no problem saying what she feels and will kick your ass if she doesn't like you.

Well, that's all I can think of for now - Enjoy!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Kidneystonegate Update and Other Meanderings . . . .

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but things have been crazy with work, Mr. Bean's kidney stones, Mr. Bean's work, Mr. Bean's best friend in town, a wake and a lot of traveling.

The kidney stone still has not passed and is still causing Mr. Bean a lot of pain. Thankfully, he has a urologist appointment on Wednesday; so hopefully, they can do something for him.

Also, Mr. Bean got a new office and who gets to help clean it? Yep, me. Busted my knee helping out - that's how much I love the old bugger. Place looks pretty good though, if you ask me. You would think being emperor, someone else would do it for him. Also, his site got hacked into - he thinks it's pretty crappy that this happened. I, on the other hand, told him that it's a compliment that someone thought he and his website were special enough to be hacked into. Making lemonade out of lemons, I guess.

On another note, I hope people enjoy my blog - sometimes I think I'm just blathering on too much about nothing. I'm not used to talking about myself; and I seem to do a lot of that here. Some may like it, some not; but I just try to be honest on my thoughts - both good and bad.

On a final note, I'm down 81 pounds. Only 27 more to go!

Monday, January 15, 2007

This Too Shall Pass (or not!)

Well, Mr. Bean's kidney stone has still failed to pass. And he has been in agony since Saturday, even with the codeine. So I'm nervous, to say the least, because starting today, he can't use the codeine because he has to work. So if the pain is horrible with the codeine, how in the heck is he going to be able to function without it?

We talked about that on his podcast last night which you can get at Although I'm not on it usually, I was on it last night to yell at him for doing a podcast even with his issues and to help him get over it quicker so I could get him back into bed for his rest.

Everyone keep him in your thoughts that he gets rid of this 3 mm piece of hell!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well, I got more than I bargained for!

So, after I wrote the last post, Mr. Bean I think felt guilty so he took me to dinner last night. Well, it didn't last long, because no sooner than us sitting down and looking at the menu, Mr. Bean had a kidney stone attack! We immediately knew what it was because he has had several of them, twice requiring surgery.

So, we left the restaurant and went to the hospital emergency room. Poor thing was in a ton of pain and they wouldn't give him anything stronger than ibuprofen via insulin until they had a cat scan to prove it was a kidney stone. Tigger can tell me if I'm wrong as he is a nurse and all, but I have heard that is because drug users use kidney stones as an excuse to get some strong meds.

Anywho, one cat scan later showed Mr. Bean indeed did have a kidney stone (3 mm) lodged in his lower bladder so they immediately provided him with morphine. Unfortunately, neither that nor the subsequent codeine is helping him much with the pain. I'm really worried about him, so please keep Mr. Bean in your thoughts to pass the stone quickly and to have this over with.

Please leave Mr. Bean good wishes either here or at because he sure could use them.

I said I wanted a Saturday night out, but this wasn't really what I meant.

Well, I now got Mr. Bean into a restaurant, so next step is to stay for a whole meal. One step at a time, I guess! :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

I Need a Boyfriend for Dates - Applications Being Accepted.

Remember how, in the beginning of a relationship, how you would enjoy time with your new SO by going out to places, a restaurant, movies, walks in the park, and other such fun things? Well, not so much once you've been together for awhile.

Mr. Bean doesn't take me out on dates anymore. For example, I've been wanting to go to the dinner theatre with him for months. MONTHS, I say. It's a great place to see up to date movies while having a nice full meal. Well, finally he said we could go this weekend. I was so excited and I didn't really believe it. And I made reservations. Well, now today, he just wants to "relax". Since when is dinner and a movie not relaxing? It's not like we're going on a 10 day hike in the wilderness and will have to forage for our own food and water. We would sit our butt down, have someone serve us, stuff our faces and watch a good movie. I wouldn't even make him carry me there. But, that's not relaxing to him.

We don't even go to restaurants anymore because it's too "taxing". So, if we don't eat what I make, it's because we're ordering delivery or take out.

So, I've decided that I need a boyfriend who would still like to do those types of "going out" things. But no funny stuff mister because I love my Mr. Bean; and I will reserve that fun stuff for him.

So, if you are a nice, medium age male who would want to go to movies, restaurants and other things; but no funny stuff - just sign up here!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's the most wonderful time . . . Hell No it's Not!

I don't know, it seems like everyone is in a crappy mood which has started once the holidays ended. I know I have felt "blah" and "bored" which even shocked Mr. Bean as he said I'm NEVER bored and very, very rarely "blah". This is true as I'm a pretty upbeat person with a happy personality. The past couple of weeks though, I feel like I'm just "there" and not really functioning on any particularly pleasant level.

And I know there are others out there who have felt similarly, and even depressed and unhappy. For those of you (and you know who you are), please know I'm thinking of you.

And usually, this time of year, I would blame it on the weather; but the year I can't. We have had unusually nice (and even warm!) weather and have even seen the sun! Usually, Mr. Bean and I go on a short trip south this time of year; but we can't this year as Mr. Bean is just way too busy ruling Saturn. So that may be the reason. Or it could be the fact that I don't have a day off other than weekends (if I don't work then, which I do A LOT) until Memorial Day weekend. No MLK or President's day for me!

I just hope I get out of this funk.

Anyone else want to whine? I would love to hear it!

Friday, January 05, 2007

God, this week won't end!!!!!

Why is it that when you have a holiday off, the work week seems longer even though you have to work less days? These past four days have been killer - I'm ready to go!

Also, for some reason, I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. So needless to say, I'm exhausted.

Countdown to the weekend . . . .

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No New Year's Resolutions for me.

In the past, each December, I would make New Year's Resolutions for the next year - dieting, exercising and other ones like that. And each year, they would never get done.

So this year, no resolutions for me. I'm just going to continue to be a good person and do the best that I can.

Making resolutions like I have in the past simply is a cause for failure.

But is it a resolution to have no resolutions? Hmmmmm . . . .

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Freakin' New Year to Me.

So I got a lovely start to the New Year yesterday. First, I'm looking out my back door at my wood pile for our fireplace. Someone decided to steal wood from it! I have no idea how we missed hearing the noise from this removal as the wood is stacked against our back wall, but we did. How lame of someone to steal someone else's firewood? If I wasn't so mad, I would be amazed by the genius of someone to do so. That must have been hard to do.

Second, I'm at the store getting groceries. As I bought eggs, I went to open the front passenger door to put them there so they wouldn't get broken. Funny thing, for some reason I could only open the door a few inches. I don't use that door often so I have no idea what's going on. Well, some jerkoff hit the front left side of the car enough so that I can't open the door anymore and wasn't kind enough to leave a note to contact them. It didn't happen where I was, b/c I was parked in a spot where that side had a concrete block next to it. And who knows how long I had it b/c I hardly ever have to use that door. Now another thing to expend money on that wasn't my fault.

So the first 24 hours of my New Year 2007 was just lovely. Let's hope it gets better as the year goes on.