Bean's World

Friday, February 01, 2008

Last Days . . .

As I'm finishing my last day of work for three months (I will be starting maternity leave on Monday), it makes me realize I'm starting a lot of "last days" as I get ready to give birth to Mr. Bean and my first-born on Tuesday, February 5:

1. last days of no responsibilities other than to me and him;
2. last days of doing whatever I want without worrying about a little one;
3. last days of sleeping when I want;
4. last days of watching tv whenever I want;
5. last days of eating when I want;
6. last days of not being a mom;
7. last days of not caring if the house is kept up;
8. last days of not caring if there's enough food in the house;
9. last days of worrying only about my own bathroom habits;
10. last days of worrying only that I'm clean.

Any other last days I should be celebrating? Come on parents, help me out here!