Bean's World

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm Really Not a Blog-Fader, and I Promise I'm No Blog Hater . . . .

Well, seems like it takes me forever to write a blog these days. And I'm really trying not to make this a parenting blog; however, as y'all well know, that's my life these days. Last weekend was great, we had a fun time to say the least, and they were sweethearts and didn't want to leave us. Then Sunday was panic day, as I know you heard on SATURNcast with Mr. Bean. And we moved furniture out of the guest room b/c it's becoming the girls' room. I also went shopping at Toys R Us - had fun getting games and toys for them. "Big Girl Beds" are coming this week; and the girls will be spending the weekend with us. Then for Spring Break, we get them the whole week!

It is hard, with work and being used to working weekends, it's hard to figure out the balance. But they are so worth it; and we've wanted it for such a long time. But to go from 12 years together doing our own thing to now being responsible for two minors is definitely overwhelming.

So thanks to all for the kind thoughts and words and know I won't continually blog about parent things - this is just my life for now so it seems to be all I know!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Thanks to the kind and positive thoughts, karma, energy, vibes, prayers and good wishes, Mr. Bean and I have been approved to start the adoption process of these two beautiful girls. We met them for the first time yesterday. They are absolutely gorgeous, full of life and will make a wonderful fit to our family. We are all so excited - and scared to death! We have to do a ton of things in such a short amount of time - when people usually have 9 months to prepare! We start having them weekends this weekend, and they should be in our home permanently in May or June. Once they are here, then they have to live here three months and then the court process begins. I can't believe it's finally happening. We bought beds for them last night and are getting car seats and other stuff with a friend who has similarly aged kids on Thursday. Mr. Bean's birthday is this weekend and he says it's the best birthday present he could ever have - I agree with him.

Thank you everyone - this is the happiest day in my life - only after the day Mr. Bean and I got married!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I keep taking and taking . . .

And all of you keep giving and giving; but Mr. Bean and I need to ask for more positive thoughts, vibes, karma and prayers for this Tuesday, March 20th, in the afternoon. You guys did such a good job last time for us that I'm asking you again to help us out.

We're going to meet the girls for the first time to see if it would be a fit for them to be ours. I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. I can't wait to see them. So please send your energy towards us on Tuesday that this will be a match made in heaven.

Thank you for all you have done in the past and what you do for us in the future. You are truly a blessing!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bean at the Bayou!

Well, I'm still swamped (get it?) at work, but to tantalize you, Mr. Bean posted the audio of Part I of my swamp tour with Cajun Pride - listen to Bean and Ms. Bobby Brown feed alligators and hear the history of the swamp! Go to SATURNcast or SATURNdiary for the audio - and try to wear earphones as you can then hear it in 3D, surround sound - you'll think you're right there in the middle of the swamp tour with us! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Did Ya Miss Me?????

So, I'm back! No flashing of the boobies, but PizzaBabe will be happy to know I had men in my room overnight - a guy other than Mr. Bean and the first time in 13 years - and yes, Mr. Bean knew all about it!!!! No story now because I'm SWAMPED with work - but a trip report will be in the works. In the interim, I taped about 6-7 hours of stuff for Mr. Bean on his I-River which he will post on SATURNcast and SATURNdiary very soon.

For a quick review, the top ten things I learned about New Orleans:

10. I have a great travel mate in Ms. Bobby Brown.
9. Beer does NOT smell good at 6 a.m.
8. New Orleans is not condusive to diets.
7. 50 and 60 year olds can party like it's 1965.
6. Alligators love marshmellows.
5. Beignets are a lil' piece of heaven in fried fat balls.
4. There is NOTHING you can't make with crawfish: crawfish lasagna, broiled crawfish, fried
crawfish, crawfish alfredo, crawfish omelets, crawfish egg benedicts, crawfish poboy,
crawfish ettouffe . . .
3. Everyone thinks they are a budding musician - the next Louis Armstrong.
2. Baby Alligators are cute as a button.
1. I miss Mr. Bean like crazy when I'm away from him.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

LIVE from N'Awlins . . .

Just wanted to make y'all (getting back in my southern routes) jealous and write a blog live from the French Quarter. Obviously, I'll write a long and drawn out report (sorry Tigger and AJ!), but for now, I've toured plantations, fed wild alligators, eaten too much, toured Bourbon street and much, much more! (except - no flashing of the boobies - sorry PizzaBabe!)

See y'all later Sweeties!

Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Off to New Orleans!

Well, I'm ditching Mr. Bean and meeting my best friend from college in the good ol' town of N'Awlins! I have never been before and am really excited about it. We're doing a spa day, a plantation/swamp tour and of course, eatin', drinkin' and listenin' to jazz music! Not to mention we are staying at the most haunted hotel in all of New Orleans!

I'm even bringing Mr. Bean's I-River so I can record some fun. And of course, you'll get another edition of the trip report - New Orleans style!

Has anyone else been? Any recommendations on things to do, places to eat and drink? All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Now, if I could only get through the next two days . . . .

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thank You.

Thank you. That's all I can really say. Mr. Bean and I really have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, wishes, good thoughts, prayers, etc. from all of you this past week for our interview re the adoption. And let me tell you, ALL of you were with us in spirit yesterday afternoon for Mr. Bean and I during the interview - we felt you all and it gave us strength and hope.

So the skinny for now is that they seemed to like us. The meeting that was expected to be an hour at most lasted an hour and a half. I must tell you though that they are interviewing at least one and possibly two more families. But they really did seem to like us. And they gave us a picture to keep of the girls which I hope they wouldn't do if they weren't intending to let us be a family. And gosh, they are absolutely adorable - and one even looks like my niece. Someone who saw the picture and knew nothing of our situation; but knew our niece even told me what a nice picture of our niece it was.

So, I am asking to impose on you for a little longer - to please send more good thoughts, prayers, karma or whatever positive energy you can our way to make it through this process and hopefully become a family with them. I am trying not to get hopeful; but it is so very hard, especially now that I have seen them.